Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's what's HOT

On a lighter is cold here in NJ...the snow is
coming down and the feet are what will warm
you up...a cup of tea? coffee? veggie soup? of
my favorite things in the world is Sriracha by Huy Fong Foods Inc. located in sunny California...where
the red jalapeno chilis grow large and hot!
What a great way to spice up your food and take the chill away!!! I put it on everything...soup...veggies...tofu...rices...vegetarian chilli and the
list goes if you are someone that likes it Hot and
Spicy this sauce is for you! No...I'm not with the company...
I just love this stuff!!! Enjoy ('s HOT!) try their
sambal olek and their garlic chili sauce all just delicious.
It is the ingredient you think your food is missing.
Vegans and's "all good" for you : )


starrynightimpressions said...

Lol, pops, my son in law would love this stuff! He never understands why when he visits there is nothing ever spicy in our food. I actually love the taste of spice but being Irish/Scottish heritage I can't take anything strong, darn!!!
So happy to have you in the blog world, have fun :)

pops said...

oh it is sooooooooo great!!!! makes everything HOT and TASTY!!!! it is made in california!!! surprise him with some -- once he has it he is going to be HOOKED -- i am for sure! tell him to come on over here -- we like it hot hot hot except hubby -- that is why he is always sweating at the table : )
hugs to you starry! it is going to take me a long time to be in the ranks of you and the other bloggers -- for now -- i am just doing what strikes me each day : )